More Information with the New InstaHit

The InstaHit™ has always been our standard for assessing new direct response products. Now we’ve added more features to help marketers launch better campaigns. We believe the more information you have about your product and your market, the more prepared you will be to find…

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Google Glass Tested for Consumer Appeal

(Press Release) Seattle, Washington May 1, 2012 Hit Laboratories Inc., provider of consumer product testing services, tested Google’s Glass concept and found it to have very good market potential in the USA at a price of $132.60. The test was conducted on the InstaHit platform….

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Celebrating a Year of Successes

Is your product the next hit? How does it compare to other products? What exactly is holding consumers back? Hit Laboratories was born from the need to address those questions in a more scientific way, helping marketers who can’t afford to simply guess. The research…

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