Product Development

How do I design a better product?

Consumer feedback early in the design process is important for designing products that consumers actually want. We can help you test key assumptions about the market, and how your product is perceived by consumers across the US.

Marketing Research

How do I sell my product better?

Most consumer products can be marketed in many different ways. We can help you choose the best target market, marketing channel, positioning strategy, and marketing message.

Clinical Trials

How do I substantiate my product claims?

Cosmetics claims must be substantiated scientifically before they can be used in advertising. We can identify the most important claims and conduct user perception testing.

Retail Placement

How do I sell my product in retail?

Getting retail placement in Walmart, Costco, Target, and other major retailers is a common challenge for manufacturers, reps, and inventors. Our Retail Assessment Study (RAS) is an effective tool to:

  1. Demonstrate consumer demand for a new product.
  2. Prove a product’s uniqueness to consumers.
  3. Get consumer recommendations for product and packaging improvements.

Retail buyers appreciate the rich information, which mitigates their risk and saves time in the review process.



To optimize a typical new product, considering variations of uses, features, names, and colors.