Celebrating a Year of Successes

By Published On: January 1, 2012


Is your product the next hit? How does it compare to other products? What exactly is holding consumers back?

Hit Laboratories was born from the need to address those questions in a more scientific way, helping marketers who can’t afford to simply guess.

The research used by billion-dollar brands is effective, but prohibitively expensive. Our goal was to not only make that same technology accessible, but to apply it specifically to the direct response industry. I’m happy to say we’ve remained true to our core principles of rapid testing, reliable results, and continuous innovation.

Thanks to our clients, partners, and advisors we’ve had a fantastic year. In the coming year we look forward to offering you entirely new services for improving your product transition to retail and web.

Wishing you continued success,

Alex Frakking,

CEO –  Hit Laboratories