Google Glass Tested for Consumer Appeal

By Published On: May 1, 2012

(Press Release)

Seattle, Washington
May 1, 2012

Hit Laboratories Inc., provider of consumer product testing services, tested Google’s Glass concept and found it to have very good market potential in the USA at a price of $132.60. The test was conducted on the InstaHit platform.

On April 4 Google announced their “Google Glass” project, which is developing a way to overlay graphics from a mobile device onto the user’s normal vision. Looking similar to normal glasses, features include graphics overlay, stereo speakers for music and calling, a microphone, and a camera to take still photos and video of where the user is looking. News and blog sites across the internet buzzed with speculation on the market potential of such a device. As an entirely new product, it’s unclear to many technology pundits how consumers will react.

Two days after the Google Glass announcement Hit Laboratories conducted an InstaHit test – the standard pre-market test of product performance based on consumer feedback. The Google Glass product scored an 8.9 out of 10; a score just short of “excellent” but still indicating very good potential with American consumers. The target demographic was identified as single males age 30-49, and a price of $132.60 was found most agreeable. The market size is good with nearly 50% of consumers expressing immediate interest in purchasing.

The glasses earned the highest score to-date on InstaHit’s Shareability metric, owing to consumers finding it very “remarkable”, being excited to use it, and it being a very visible product which would be noticed by many and a good topic of conversation for users. It scored poorly on the Usefulness metric because consumers do not feel the Google Glass solves an important problem in their lives.

InstaHit is the leading test of new direct response products. It predicts performance using a propriety statistical model which correlates new products with the success of previously marketed products. InstaHit reveals to marketers and inventors what price consumers are willing to pay, what the potential market size is, who the target market should be, and how their product compares with other products on five key Viability Metrics.

Hit Laboratories provides scientific product optimization, market research, as well as brand and consumer monitoring services. It serves retail, DRTV, and ecommerce clients.


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