HIT Laboratories Provides Research to Product Dragon in 2023

By Published On: December 5, 2022

Beginning in January 2023, HIT Laboratories will provide research services to Product Dragon, a nonprofit corporation with a mission of supporting “innovation for good.”

Research will be provided for educational purposes and as examples of the modern product development and marketing process. HIT Laboratories services will include InstaHIT, HIT Maker, and newly developed Customer Window.

Product Dragon’s educational focus includes how to conduct product viability surveys, how to conduct concept optimization surveys, and how to use virtual focus group results to validate and improve new products.

Product Dragon provides innovation education and support through its free association membership.

About Product Dragon

Product Dragon™ is a Canadian nonprofit Association with the mission of helping adventurous product innovators to benefit society by providing inspiration, education, expert support, and funding assistance. The Association’s 2030 goal is to assist one million innovators globally. Website: https://productdragon.org

About HIT Laboratories

HIT Laboratories™ (HIT Labs) is a research and development firm that specializes in consumer durable goods. The company was founded in 2011 in Seattle to provide product simulated test marketing to product innovators at a lower cost than was previously available. HIT Laboratories performs innovative product test marketing, concept optimization, and home user product testing. Website: https://hitlaboratories.com