More Information with the New InstaHit

By Published On: December 1, 2012

The InstaHit™ has always been our standard for assessing new direct response products. Now we’ve added more features to help marketers launch better campaigns. We believe the more information you have about your product and your market, the more prepared you will be to find your audience, focus your message, and counter objections.

New features include:

  • Compare offers. Test two different offers to find the better one.
  • More powerful segmentation. See who likes your product the most — by age, gender, marital status, education, income, children, US region, and ethnicity. This helps you identify your target market and plan ways to reach them.
  • Name suggestions. Learn what consumers think of your product’s name, and see their unique name ideas.
  • Improvement suggestions. See what changes would make your product more appealing to consumers.
  • More consumers. We doubled the InstaHit sample size to 400 US consumers, giving you more detailed responses and greater statistical confidence.
  • Safety metric. In other research we’ve found that safety is a common objection for consumer products that interface with existing property (for example, cleaning products), or that are used by people (for example, beauty products). Now you can see how concerned consumers are about your product, compared with other successful products.

Our InstaHit reports still include the market research essentials: Our InstaHit Score, viability metrics, preferred purchasing methods, main objections, and price perception.