Recent Successes

By Published On: December 20, 2012

We try to make research simple, but the easiest way to explain our services is with examples. Read on for brief examples of how our services have helped clients.


Does your product have “hit” potential? Rapidly test your idea with US consumers and compare its performance against other successful products. The results include how much consumers might pay, which offers are better, what their objections are, how they would improve it, and more.

Client story: A small team of inventors used InstaHit to test their product idea as a DRTV item. It scored low on the Usefulness metric, leading them to realize that while the produce was great for some consumers, it didn’t address a need for most. Through additional research they better identified their real target market and optimized their feature set and value proposition.


Optimize your product and marketing. Conceptualyzer provides a comprehensive analysis of consumer perception, what they would change to make it more appealing, and giving you specific ideas on how to craft your presentation.

Client story: A cosmetic distributor used Conceptualyzer to create an upcoming DRTV campaign. The results helped them make crucial decisions on product packaging, key features, and the offer. They also learned what demonstrations and testimonials they should focus on to appeal to their target market. In subsequent campaigns they’ve looked back to the report when making key decisions.


Optimize your video presentation. Learn what consumers think of your presenter, your demonstrations, testimonials, and offer. You’ll also get feedback on the product itself, and what consumers really want to see.

Client story: A cosmetic brand tested their under-performing long-form (“infomercial”) and learned that some testimonials were alienating consumers and damaging credibility. They also discovered a simple way to increase appeal, and found the best of four new continuity offers. They are preparing a new campaign based on the results.