Health and Beauty Ingredient Selection: Familiarity-Desire Analysis

Understanding consumer desire for product ingredients is important, but ingredient familiarity is also important to consider. Consumers may have low desire for an ingredient because they are not familiar with it, despite the ingredient providing excellent benefits.

Hit Laboratories developed the “Familiarity-Desire” (F-D) ingredient analysis to help health and beauty product developers with their ingredient selection and marketing.


Ingredient desire results. Results based on a target market survey.


Familiarity and desire scores are calculated from several survey responses. The results are different for each product tested, since ingredient desirability depends on the specific application.

The chart below shows familiarity and desire scores plotted across four quadrants. For this product, Aloe vera is both highly desirable and familiar to consumer respondents. Corn oil is the least desirable ingredient, and it’s familiarity in this application is also poor.


F-D Analysis results determine which ingredients to feature in the tested beauty product


Which¬†quadrant an ingredient falls into determines how it can be treated for marketing purposes. This helps answer the question of which ingredient should be positioned as the “hero ingredient”, which ingredients should be featured, and which may hurt a product’s marketability.


The F-D Ingredient Analysis is a standard component of the Cosmetics Assessment Standard (CAS) study, which assesses the appeal of new health and beauty products and provides actionable product improvement and marketing insights.