Learn how to design, test, fund, manufacture, and sell your product idea on a shoestring budget


Alex will show you “insider secrets” with step-by-step tutorials that require no experience

Alex Frakking is CEO of Seattle-based HIT Laboratories Inc., providing scientific research and development services on new consumer products since 2012. He has helped hundreds of individual inventors and companies test their new product ideas, develop their products, and improve their marketing. He has a degree in mechanical engineering, and international marketing and manufacturing experience.

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Dear inventor,

I feel privileged to have played a part in the development and launch of hundreds of consumer products. Working with product companies in the US, Korea, Thailand, Australia, India, China, and the UK, I’ve seen the best — and the worst — of this industry. In this course, I give my inside knowledge about how to launch a product with minimum risk. I also provide very specific warnings, not just about common mistakes, but also about ways that others can deliberately try to take advantage of you.

I am not promising you any degree of success. If you do nothing else, please understand that any book, course, or company making that promise (or anything close to it) should be avoided. My goal is to show you how the best “players” minimize their risks to maximize their profit potential.

My course material was chosen by surveying hundreds of inventors like yourself to identify critical gaps in their knowledge, and dispel myths they commonly hold.

As a serial entrepreneur, I know the greatest regrets in life come from not taking a shot at a great idea or opportunity while you can. That’s why I encourage you to try my course, and if it doesn’t provide what you need, I stand behind my 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. I just ask that you email me what the course lacked, so that I can improve it for others.

Wishing you success,

For all consumer products

This course will be most useful to first-time product developers. It applies to all consumer product categories including: housewares/household, Kitchen, Outdoor, Health & Beauty, Fitness, Clothing, Tools, Automotive, Electronics, Toys, Novelty, and Pets. It does not apply to products for business, industrial, or medical markets.

More than a course

This is not a normal course; it is designed to save inventors thousands of dollars in consultant fees, who sometimes also require a percentage of your product sales. While it can’t entirely replace professional assistance, it will guide participants having a do-it-yourself mentality through the most challenging steps.

Invent to Profit Online Course Includes:

Course Overview

Designed for busy people, requiring just 3 hours per week to give you the knowledge to sell and profit from any product, including your own invention idea.

  • The truth about inventing: how it really works
  • Insider insights, tips, lessons, and stories
  • Step-by-step, practical instructions
  • Beyond inventing: getting funded, prototyping, and sales

Course Topics

  1. Inventing: developing winning ideas
  2. Market research: sizing your opportunity
  3. Business structure: preparing for success
  4. Legal: protecting your investment
  5. Development: making your idea even better
  6. Rapid testing: proving people want it
  7. Prototyping: making it happen on a budget
  8. Branding: your new face to the world
  9. Test marketing: making your first sales
  10. Getting funded: avoid spending your own money
  11. Crowdfunding: a powerful new opportunity
  12. Lean manufacturing: paying the least possible
  13. Online sales: starting a successful online store
  14. TV sales: how to make infomercial deals
  15. International sales: expanding your market
  16. Retail: how to get in, and stay in
  17. Licensing: a low risk way to profit
  18. Examples: stories on people who have done it

Including the top business ideas of the past decade

In addition to Alex’s domain-specific knowledge, this course also contains the key lessons from these modern bestsellers, interpreted and presented for inventors:

  • The Innovator’s Dilemma/Solution, Clay Christensen
  • The Four Steps to the Epiphany, Steve Blank
  • Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore
  • The Lean Startup, Eric Ries
  • Zero to One, Peter Theil
  • Purple Cow, Seth Godin

Course Format

This course was designed to address the common problems with books on the topic:

  • The 3-week format gives you time to absorb and assimilate more knowledge
  • Specific actions are given weekly: things to look for and think about
  • Checklists for each unit give you a summary, and future reference “cheat sheet”
  • Video content makes selected topics more memorable and interesting

Your own pace

To give you time to absorb and use the material, the course was designed to take 3 weeks. However it can be done slower to fit your busy schedule.

Unlimited access

Participants may download course content to retain unlimited future access.

Learn on the go

Course content is designed to look beautiful on laptops, smartphones, and tablets.


Invent to Profit course: 3-week format, begin any time.

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This discount is available from June 27 – July 11 for participants who agree to provide us with feedback on the new course format. You will be sent a short questionnaire before the course begins, and a longer one (approximately 15 to 20 minutes) upon completion. This will help us improve the course for future participants. VIP Participants begin their course on or after July 11 but should register now.

note: payment not required until course start. Money-back guarantee still applies.Offer limited to the first 20 applicants.

BONUS: for VIP Participants, Alex will privately discuss any questions you may have about your product by email or phone (optional).

Money-Back Guarantee

All participants receive a hassle-free money-back guarantee: if you find the course doesn’t provide the information or value you’re looking for, contact us within 14 days of purchasing and let us know what the course was missing to receive your full refund.

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This online course is provided by HIT Laboratories Inc., based in Seattle, Washington. The course is intended to educate inventors and product developers on the consumer product commercialization process, with a focus on the U.S. market. For questions or custom educational requests, please email info@hitlaboratories.com.